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    Laughter Therapy is a private non-profit organization, founded by Allen Funt. Mr. Funt had great interest in the healing powers of laughter. His wish, in starting the Laughter Therapy program, was to bring a smile, laughter, and hopefully, some therapeutic benefit to those with serious illnesses.

    The program works as follows: The individual with the illness (or his/her representative) write to us, explaining the nature of the illness. We, in turn, send the individual the first of four Candid Camera videos, specifically compiled for the Laughter Therapy program. When the individual has viewed that tape, usually within a month, he returns the tape to us and we send the second video. This process continues until all four videos have been viewed and returned.

    Due to copyright laws, the tapes may not be reproduced and cannot be shown to groups or used for closed circuit viewing. As such, we are unable to accommodate requests sent by or on behalf of organizations and institutions.

The address is:

Laughter Therapy
P.O. Box 827
Monterey, California 93942

Candid Camera  •  PO Box 827  •  Monterey, CA 93942