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  Were You Caught?
Here’s What to Do

    For years, people have asked if we could locate a tape of their magic moment on the Candid Camera show. Now, through improved technology, we are finally able to help.
    If you were caught – or, if you’re hoping to see relatives or friends who were on the show, our Library may have the video!

    Please read the following information carefully before contacting us.
    WHAT’S AVAILABLE: Our library covers 1948 to the present. Clips prior to 1960 are difficult to track down and may not be available.
    WHAT WE NEED: Send us as much information as possible about the clip. The year (or approximate year); the location (city or town, as well as the specific place, if known, i.e. “Jefferson High School”); the name of the person who was caught (maiden name, if applicable); and a description of the gag (i.e. “my father was filmed in a store where a sign said walk on the white squares only”).
    CLIPS NOT BROADCAST: For shows broadcast before 1996 we ONLY have the scenes that were shown on TV. However, for clips after 1996 we may be able to locate, at a higher cost, footage that was never included in the show.
    YOUR COST: After contacting us you will receive a price quote by return email. Prices start at $55 for complete shows on either DVD or VHS (shipping and handling are included in the price). Rates are sometimes higher for older or harder to find material.
    HOW TO CONTACT US: Send an email with all of the information outlined above (do not include payment at this time). You will receive a return email from our Custom Video department.
    Click here to send an email.


Candid Camera  •  PO Box 827  •  Monterey, CA 93942