10-Disc Box Set:
Complete Listing of Content

    The Greatest Moments DVD, running over two hours, is the opening disc of our 10-DVD set, and can also be purchased separately. It contains:

"Greatest Moments"
130 minutes from the Candid Camera hall of fame,
hosted by Peter Funt.

THE TALKING MAILBOX: The classic sequence from 1949.
THE RESTROOM: A door marked as a restroom leads into a closet.
THE CAR WITHOUT A MOTOR: Attendants can’t find a car’s engine.
LONG DIPSTICK: A 12-foot long dipstick confounds gas station attendants.
SPLITTING CARS: One car splits front to back; another splits left to right.
WOODY ALLEN’S LOVE LETTER: Dictated to a secretary.
JAYNE MANSFIELD’S DOG: A cabbie is asked to drive with a tiny dog.
BUSTER KEATON IN THE DINER: The silent screen star fumbles away.
MUHAMMAD ALI’S SURPRISE VISIT: The champ shows up in a classroom.
DOLLY PARTON’S SPRAINED ANKLE: Dolly asks men to carry her.
BAKERY ASSEMBLY LINE: “Then & Now” sequence (1963/1999).
MOTHERS ANNOUNCE BASEBALL: “Then & Now” sequence (1967/1999).
TAPE MEASURE: “Then & Now” sequence (1962/1998).
DONKEY IN HOTEL ROOM: “Then & Now” sequence (1965/1990).
NEW DENTIST/DISCOUNT DENTIST: “Then & Now” sequence (1964/1998).
FANNIE THE FIRE LADY: “Then & Now” sequence (1976/1999).
BOY PRESIDENT: Allen Funt talks with a boy who wants to be President.
KIDS’ PHONE MESSAGES: Kids struggle to remember phone messages.
TOO MUCH ICE CREAM: Kids deal with multiple ice cream cones.
CINDERELLA: Allen Funt’s charming conversation with a young Cinderella.
SHOWER IN ELEVATOR: Passengers find a man showering in an elevator.
TALKING HORSE: A racehorse offers betting tips.
BEAUT-O-MATIC: Identical twins make instant makeovers seem possible.
DISAPPEARING STORE: Camera store mysteriously becomes a dry cleaners.
QUICKIES: Flying typewriter; Magnetic Silverware; Falling Dishes; Squirting Phone; Hand in Washing Machine; Breaking Door Knob; Kid Drummer; Photo Booth; Wax Museum; Squirting Grapefruit; Tackling Dummy; Trick Microwave; Breaking Parking Meter; Ring Bell for Service.
BUILDING LOSES WALL: An office wall is removed by forklift.
BUILDING MOVES AWAY: An office begins traveling down the road.
SIDEWAYS ELEVATOR: An elevator will only move in one direction: sideways.
DISAPPEARING BUILDING: Messengers find a vacant lot.
JULIE ON MONEY: Allen’s daughter, Julie, shares her views on money.
DANNY ON LOVE: Peter’s son, Danny, explains the meaning of love.
FANNIE AT THE DRIVE-THRU: Fannie Flagg drives her car through a wall.
TRAMPOLINE: A trampoline user disappears through the ceiling.
LUGE RUN: A rider goes off course and crashes through the wall of a building.
PARACHUTE: Parachutist drops into the reception area of a building.
SMILE!: The best reveals.