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“Best of the 60’s, Vol. 2”

Episode 042 (Hosts: Allen Funt and Durwood Kirby)
Candid Camera’s controversial show devoted entirely to Allen Funt’s trip with hidden cameras to the Soviet Union.

Episode 060 (Hosts: Allen Funt and Durwood Kirby)
AMPLIFIED EATING SOUNDS: Sounds of diners chewing roar through a diner.
LESLIE TALKS WITH ALLEN: A little girl tells Allen Funt about herself.
BITS AND PIECES: Six Candid quickies.
FLYING PHONE BOOTH: An occupied phone booth floats off the ground.

Episode 103 (Hosts: Allen Funt and Durwood Kirby)
STEALING RESTAURANT TIPS: Our guy picks up tips left by other diners.
RESTROOM SIGNS: “Ladies” and “Women”; “Men” and “Gentlemen.”
DOOR ON A VACANT LOT: Messengers make deliveries to a lot with a door.
SPLITTING CAR: A moving car splits in half (down the middle).

Episode 141 (Hosts: Allen Funt and Durwood Kirby)
KIDS’ CLOTHES: Youngsters try on hats.
RING BELL FOR SERVICE: The bell sets off a symphony of other noises.
POPPING TOASTER: It’s rigged to pop the toast high in the air.
INVISIBLE BOSS: Items on a desk start to move.
OVERSIZED PRESCRIPTIONS: Druggist hands out huge pills and potions.
DISAPPEARING PHONE BOOTH: It vanishes from a street corner.
LINT PICKING: Our woman picks lint off of strangers.
DOGS WAGGING TAILS: Musical tribute to tail wagging.

Episode 178 (Hosts: Allen Funt and Durwood Kirby)
DEMITASSE CUPS AT LUNCH COUNTER: A diner uses tiny cups.
NO ASHTRAY: Smokers are stuck with their ashes.
MARCHING BAND BOARDS BUS: Musicians play on a city bus.
BUILDING WITH NO DOOR: Delivery guys can’t get in.
KIDS PICK THEIR GRADES: They’re asked to grade themselves.

Episode 238 (Hosts: Allen Funt and Bess Myerson)
EXPLODING SOAP: A fake commercial uses exploding detergent.
UNHAPPY TESTIMONIAL: Clerk must deal with a former client’s complaints.
KIDS ON CLOSED CIRCUIT TV: Little ones see themselves on the tube.
MURPHY BED SWALLOWS CUSTOMER: Our guy disappears while in bed.
SOFT ICE CREAM MACHINE RUNS WILD: Machine won’t stop dispensing.