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New DVD Features Inspirational Smiles

A new DVD, "Candid Camera's Inspirational Smiles," is now available to Candid Camera fans. The DVD is devoted to the best elements of human nature, as captured in heartwarming scenes by the Candid Camera crew.

The hour-long video collection includes parents and newborn babies; people and their pets; Americans on the job, and even a special story about a lonely balloon in need of a friend.

It's ideal viewing for all members of the family, as well as for schools, clubs, religious groups, and anyone in need of an inspirational smile as only Candid Camera can deliver.

"We've always taken pride in showing the wondrous side of humanity," says Peter Funt, host of the new DVD. "Today, more than ever before, so much of what we see on television and in media is mean-spirited and seemingly designed to expose people's frailties. We try to celebrate people, and this new collection is really a tribute to the American spirit."

Additional sequences include heroic couples in a dance class; kids playing in a fountain, and even unsuspecting folks trying to tickle themselves.

Many of the sequences are set to music. The collection is ideal for viewing as a single program, or for presentation of individual sequences at meetings and gatherings.

This DVD is priced at just $24.95

To request information about bulk purchases for groups and organizations, CLICK HERE.


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