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     Press/media inquiries: Media@CandidCamera.com.

    If you wish to write to Candid Camera, the address is:

Candid Camera
PO Box 827
Monterey, CA 93942
    For TV schedule information, please check local listings.

    We try to accommodate requests for old Candid Camera video clips. Many of the favorite Candid scenes are available on our DVD and VHS collections. Click here to shop. If you don't see the sequence you're looking for, contact our Library about a customized DVD or VHS. Be sure to include as much information as possible about the show or sequence. Click here for more information.

    We welcome your ideas for Candid Camera sequences. These may be sent to our address above, or by e-mail.
    Click here to learn "How to Submit Your Idea."

    We love hearing from you!

Candid Camera  •  PO Box 827  •  Monterey, CA 93942