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Candid Camera in the Classroom

    Scenes from Candid Camera are used in many college and university psychology and sociology classes. Other sequences are used in the corporate world as part of employee training and customer relations. And, Peter Funt's special Tolerance Project, "The Green Kid," is now used in over 2,500 U.S. schools.

For college and high school classrooms:
Candid Camera Classics for Introductory and Social Psychology

    Narrated by Allen Funt and Professor Philip Zimbardo, these two hourlong programs feature humorous scenarios from Candid Camera that illustrate basic themes and principles in psychology relating to memory, methodology bias, selective perception, problem solving, conformity, compliance, obedience, construction of social reality, persuasion, and expert influence.
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Candid Camera: Fooling The Senses
(DVD/VHS) - $129.95
    Created by the current Candid Camera staff, these five sequences demonstrate the remarkable ways the five main senses can be tricked and misdirected.
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For all classrooms:
The Green Kid

    Peter Funt's discussions with second graders about the arrival of a new student, a boy with green skin. The DVD includes introductions for teachers, elementary students, and upper grades. Also contains examples of classroom use at three schools in Arizona.
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