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Here are more of the letters recently received from Candid Camera viewers. (Please note, only signed letters will be considered for publication.)

    It's always good to watch your show, even if here in South Africa we're a few months behind all of you in America. Your show is really fantastic. It has me in stitches for 30 minutes. I have some wonderful ideas, but I'm not sure they'd be funny in America, but I'll keep the thinking cap on. Toodles for now.
—Danton Baromen, Johannesburg, South Africa

    I think Candid Camera is better than it ever had been, with all respects to your Dad, because he had some mighty good pieces on the air. Hope you stay on a long time to come; it is about the only decent thing to watch anymore. I watch about two hours a week and don't approve of the junk they have on now. My wife and I have watched Candid Camera for years and years.
—William L. Patterson

    I really like watching your show. My family and I watch it all the time! I especially like the one when you brought the dog to the wrong house! I am a dog lover, and I wouldn't mind that a bit! Of course, I would find it kind of freaky to see my address on the dog's collar! I just have one question: Did you let the old man keep the dog?
—Sarah A LeBlanc

[Peter's reply: Unfortunately we couldn't let him keep the dog, because we had only borrowed Tiny for the day. But not everyone liked that sequence. Read onů]

    I'm very, very disappointed in your show and your responsibility to all the unfound dogs now in the animal shelters being put to sleep because of improper or no identification. Instead, your program made it a joke. At least at the very end you could have made a public announcement to people about how important it is to license their pet. You could have made a positive public message; instead you made it a joke. It's very disappointing that you just don't get it.
—B. Burke

[Peter's reply: Sorry we didn't make a public announcement, but you just did. Thanks!]

    Enjoy your show, as I enjoyed the old one. One question, something that I have wondered about for years: In the opening (teaser?) of the old show, there is a very short clip of someone (a Candid Camera subject?) discovering the camera, I think, and then striking someone (the cameraman? Mr. Funt?) over the head. It is a violent image, and I have been curious about the story behind it.
—Barry Wohl, Charlotte, NC

[Peter's reply: What you're recalling was part of the closing credits in 1964. My father built a camera out of cardboard, then pretended to be hit over the head. It was not real; it was just a joke for the credits.]

    I've enjoyed CC since I was a kid during the Garry Moore days. I'm impressed how today's incarnation captures the spirit of the old shows. The people "caught" are subjects not victims, and the situations are still as clever. Peter, your dad would be proud.
—Kenny Gura, Altamonte Springs, Florida

    Candid Camera is seriously one of the funniest shows on television. Whenever I have a bad day or no plans on Friday night, I settle in and watch your show and it always cheers me up. Thanks for making me laugh!
—Rebecca, San Francisco

    I enjoy watching your show but your episode running on June 16 was not on the mark. New Jersey gasoline prices are the lowest of any of the surrounding states. This is due to the low state tax. We do not have self-service and hope we never see it. When self-service comes in the price of gas jumps. On the PA Turnpike it costs about 20 cents more a gallon to have someone pump your gas. The main point is, compared to the surrounding states N.J. gasoline is cheaper than the self-service states.
—Steve J. Catranis

[Peter's reply: Well, thanks. Now we know it's a good idea to go to Jersey for Candid Camera laughs and gasoline!]

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