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  TV's Longest Running
Comedy Show!

Peter Funt poses as a security guard and sends a woman through a fake x-ray machine.

    Candid Camera has been a favorite in American homes since it began as a radio program back in 1947! In this section, you can read about the show and the people who bring it to you.

•The Candid Camera Story
• Candid Camera Timeline
• HOST: Peter Funt
• HOST: Mayim Bialik
• Other Candid Tricksters
• BIOGRAPHY: Allen Funt
• Tributes and News about Allen
• ARTICLE: "Things My Father Taught Me," by Peter Funt
• "My Inspiration," by Stephanie Funt
• CO-HOST: Dina Eastwood
• CO-HOST: Suzanne Somers
• Little Richard's 'Candid' Song!
• How To Make a Sideways Elevator
• Durward Kirby Obituary
• Bess Myerson, Co-host, Dies at 90
• FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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