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Thanks for watching us on TV Land! Our 10-show season just ended but there are more smiles ahead. Watch this page for updates about Peter, Mayim and the Candid Camera crew.

Read an article about Candid Camera's first 10 shows that Peter wrote for The New York Times.
Meanwhile, send us your ideas for new gags. To submit your idea, click here.

Read more about Candid Camera's TV Land adventure in this interview with Peter.

And click here to learn 5 things one writer has to say about Peter.




Peter Funt's 'To Be Candid...'

Op-Ed Columns Now Posted online

Peter Funt tackles the issues in his op-ed columns, now available on this Web site. Whether you agree with Peter's take or not, his articles provide plenty to think about. New editions of TO BE CANDID... will appear here regularly.

"Where are Boxing's Critics?" --
They're focused on football.
PUBLISHED: March 21, 2015



Candid Camera’s 10-DVD Set
Buy the Entire Set and Save, or Buy Single Volumes

   The ultimate set for Candid Camera fans has been remastered to honor the show's 65th birthday, and it's available at the special anniversary price of $59.95. Each of the 10 volumes is also available for purchase individually.

The set begins with the two-hour Greatest Moments program, hosted by Peter Funt. There's a bonus disc containing Candid Camera's debut on NBC in 1949. Then, full programs are selected from Candid Camera's library to represent the Best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and Today. Other bonus features include Peter's look behind-the-scenes at each decade.

In all, the remarkable set contains over 23 hours of smiles from TV's original reality program!

For more details and to purchase your set, click here to visit our Merchandise Section.




Candid Camera’s Inspirational Smiles

Candid Camera’s "Inspirational Smiles" DVD is devoted to the best elements of human nature, as captured in heartwarming scenes by the Candid Camera crew.

The hour-long video collection includes parents and newborn babies; people and their pets; kids talking about their teacher; Americans on the job, even a special story about a lonely balloon in need of a friend.

It's ideal viewing for all members of the family, as well as for schools, clubs, religious groups, and anyone in need of an inspirational smile as only Candid Camera can deliver.

CLICK HERE to order.


Were You Caught
On Candid Camera?

    For years, people have asked if we could locate a tape of their magic moment on the Candid Camera show. Now, through improved technology, we are finally able to help.
    If you were caught – or, if you’re hoping to see relatives or friends who were on the show, our Library may have the video!
    For details about locating clips and obtaining Library material, click here.

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